October 9, 2017

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About Charming CRM

You can install OpenSource Charming CRM at:


  1. Charming CRM – Customer relationship management –  Charming CRM is built from the most popular open source CRM. Charming Cloud uses CRM for our CRM. Stay in touch with your clients in this very customizable CRM.
  2. You can automate communication and billing on all sides of your business from the most distant lead through your most trusted suppliers. The power of an ERP for Small and Medium Sized Businesses.

Open source can be installed by yourself. You can also hire someone, usually from India, to install and personalize it for your Business needs. You can totally avoid installation headaches by signing up for a  SaaS  CRM

However, The best way IS to use  Charming CRM, Charming has gotten many of the kinks out from using the Open Source Version. Among the several issues that are still bugs with open source, we have fixed the WebForms module, so you can capture as many Leads through your website directly into your CRM. Then through Workflows these will have your marketing messages regularly sent on a schedule.

We assist you in configuring an SMTP server so that your promotions go to the inbox. We do this with AWS SES or whatever SMTP server you prefer. You could even use our Charming Full Email Server with Webmail

This installation is locked down with responsive fail2ban firewall script. As an Israeli company you benefit from 20 years of experience in Cyber Security.

At Charming Cloud, We have years of experience in System administration. We have built this server especially for the needs of small and SOHO businesses. Your domain will be up and running very quickly. Just your domain to a user-friendly Windows Panel, then you can add users addresses. An init script sets up all the passwords.

This instance uses the suggested installation settings for Disk Volume size of 250 GB as well as PHP Settings and more.

Release Notes

This version fixes issues not addressed by the Community version. We have fixed the PHP error in opportunities. We have also fixed it so that Webforms actually can be saved and work (restart the Instance after installing and configuring the Database) . We also offer direction to install a PDF exporter, without this you get a 500 error.

Access Instructions at

Charming CRM based on Vtiger 7 – Access Instructions

Charming CRM based on Vtiger 7 – Product Details

The following instructions might be out of date see:


Access Instructions

Instructions from marketplace for v7

Go to your http://PublicDNS

Press next then OK

Press OK when asked whether to proceed due to display errors being set to off (this is the best setting)

Then Answer the questions

Database info is

Database User






Answer the rest of the questions. Charming CRM uses your email address only locally on your Instance. It uses it to send you email you reports from the server and as the From Address”” for email sent to your contacts and leads.

It takes a while to install the database, as it has many tables

Login as admin


Whatever password you chose.

Go into the cog and CRM settings and fill in as much as you can

Charming CRM is very powerful, we offer support for your server. We can also privately consult in setting up your CRM to help to you capture as many leads as exist

Extensive instructions about email and more can be found at:


Charming CRM based on Vtiger 7 – Access Instructions

IN ORDER TO use Charming CRM for Sending mail use  AWS SES to send your emails to clients

Click the cog on the upper right corner and select “CRM Settings”

https://wiki.vtiger.com/index.php/System_Setup – to see how to setup and automate many parts of the sales cycle.

Then on the left column select Other Settings

Click on “Outgoing Server”

In the “server name” field put ttls://email-smtp.us-east-1.amazonaws.com:587

You might not be using US-EAST-1 so replace the domain name with whatever your SES server is

User name – Put the second field of the csv file

Password – Put the VERY /long last field which often has special characters

From Address needs to be an address and domain that you have verified with SES

Require Authentication – YES



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